I have a local person trying to find a good home for her chinchilla! Zinnia is only 10 months old, healthy, and comes with all of her supplies for only $150. Please contact me if you can provide a great home for her!

We have a male short tailed opossum (STO) available for adoption!

These guys are extremely soft, adorable, uncommon pets with very similar care requirements to hedgehogs. They are solitary, need kept warm the same, and need a very similar diet (we feed ours the same food our hedgies eat, but supplement with more fresh food). They are extremely agile and make good use of vertical space, so they do well in tall cages with lots of shelves and branches. They stay small and have a prehensile tail, which makes them more endearing than the wild opossums around here, and more unique than the average small pet. As cute as these guys are, they are more of a "watch running around their cage" animal than they are a "take out and snuggle" animal. Only adults confident they can keep them secure should handle them, since they can be fast. Email me if you're interested in adding one to your family!

This guy comes with a complete cage setup and food for $150.

Interested in a baby, rehome, or retired breeder? Please fill out an Application! You can stay on our general "list" of approved people interested who will be contacted when babies are available, but if you want to hold your spot in our priority line (to pick your baby before they are made available to the general list), you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $50. This lets me know that you are serious about getting a hedgehog from me. The deposit will be applied towards the total cost of your hedgehog. Here is additional information about our Prices, Policies and Procedures. If you are out of state, I am sometimes able to ship hedgehogs via airline. Check the bottom of the Policies and Procedures page for information on shipping or pickup from our location.

When I go through applications, I'm looking for prepared and educated potential owners. I reserve the right to turn down anyone I feel won't provide the best home for one of my hedgehogs. I'm afraid that also includes turning down those who live in illegal areas - not only is it illegal for people to own hedgehogs in certain places, but it's illegal for me to sell one to you - I'm sorry and I know it isn't fair, but it's the law. If you want to convince California that hedgies will not escape into the wild and take over the world, go for it.

Because I want each person who adopts from me to provide the best care for their new hedgehog, I offer a $10 refund off the cost of a baby hedgehog to people who are active in the online hedgehog community or are extensively involved in animal rescue/education. Email me for more information - otherwise, details are provided once your application is approved.

When you purchase a baby hedgie from me, you will also receive:

  • Official USDA paperwork and adoption contract
  • Reference to my free care book, and the option to buy a hard copy
  • Fleece holding blanket upon request
  • Starter bag of the food your hedgie is currently eating
  • Referrals to good local vets if you are in Oregon
  • Health guarantee as stated on the Policies page
  • Lifetime WHS Guarantee
  • A sheet with tips on helping your baby settle in
  • Discounts on various products and services we offer
  • 24/7 post sale care support. I can help you if you have any problems!

Expecting and Planned Litters

Parents Due Date Available Date
 Updated 4/23/14    
Mabel x Wolfram 4-24-14 Early June
upcoming litters to be announced soon!    
- - -

Current Litters

Sold: Full payment has been received
Reserved: Deposit is paid
Available: Available to wait list
Retained: Being kept for breeding programs

Litter Info Notes & Sale Status
 Updated 4/23/14  
Sephora x Josten

Born - 3/13/14
Available Date - Late April

Addition photos can be seen here - Sephora's Litter Album
1403-F3 (pink paint)
Female, dark range
(likely high snowflake)

Sold to Jake!
1403-M2 (green paint)
Male, dark range
(high snowflake/white)

Reserved for Nicole!
Sepia x Wolfram

Born - 4/1/14
Available Date - Mid May

Addition photos can be seen here - Sepia's Litter Album
I apologize for the mediocre photos! I'll be posting decent ones soon.
1405-F1 (pink paint)
Female, dark range

Available to Priority List
Male, mid range
$250 (rare color)

Reserved for Megan!
1405-M3 (blue paint)
Male, dark range

Reserved for Andrew!
- -

Available Adults & Rehomes

Hedgehog History / Notes Adoption Fee
 Updated 4/23/14    
Some adults have specific care requirements, and each has their own individual history and personality. Please inquire about anyone you're interested in and we'd be happy to give you a run down on why they're here and what they need in a perfect home!    
Photo coming soon!
Rehome $100

Includes 2lbs food

appx 1 year old

Available soon
Tater Tot
Photo coming soon!
Rescue $100

Includes 2lbs food

almost 1 year old

Available Soon
Lorraine Retired Breeder $150

Includes 2lbs food

appx 1 year old

Sold to Marlie!


Rescue $150

Includes 2lbs food

Unknown age